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Assalamu Alaikum,

Dear visitors/members, we sincerely thank you from the Concern Noakhali family for your interest in knowing more about us and also welcome you! We request you to read the whole article, hope you will not be disappointed.

who are we (Concern Noakhali)
Concern Noakhali is an online service based medical provider. The organization is being run from Chandraganj. We provide low cost treatment to our registered members in quality, well-providing hospitals located within Greater Noakhali. So that the common people of Greater Noakhali can get proper treatment at low cost! Also, for those who are not our members, we have kept various information related to medical care and health such as – doctor’s name, chamber address and patient’s visiting hours, blood bank, ambulance numbers so that they can be easily found in case of emergency. Since now is the era of the Internet, come to Concern Noakhali without getting lost in times of danger! When no one is in danger, we are at your service, by your side.

Why this initiative?
As we are becoming more modern, various kinds of diseases are catching us. We are unable to get rid of diseases due to consumption of food with hybrids, fertilisers, pesticides, formalin, carbides and numerous chemical chemicals, reduction in the amount of manual labour, excess of packet foods and living in a polluted environment. Constantly we have to run to the doctor! And like everything else at this time, medical expenses have gone beyond the reach of the common man. But if you are sick, there is no way without treatment! We cannot take the responsibility of the whole country, everyone has to come forward. We have arranged for the residents of Noakhali to get treatment at a low cost.

Moreover, with the benefit of mobile and internet, people are doing all the work at home such as shopping, studying, entertainment etc. Most of the people are getting harmed by its misuse. So we are trying so that people can benefit from proper use of mobile and internet.

Our services include:

1. Discount on medical services.
2. Discount on ambulance.
3. Blood bank information.
4. Discount and home delivery at Oxygen.
5. Doctors’ information.

Upcoming services include:

1. Online doctor.
2. Sample collection from home.
3. Healthy products.
4. Emergency medicine.

How to get our services.
To get our services you have to register and become our member. We have done free registration for a long time. Currently, one member can be registered for 100 taka and 6 family members can be registered for 300 taka. So register today.

Meet Our Team

Here our special team for the support and direction.

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